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Why Civisphere?

Through lending their skills and expertise to mission-driven organizations, pro bono volunteers around the world have undisputedly demonstrated the real value that their contributions add to these organizations' impact. The combined work of pro bono volunteers has become critical to helping many organizations design strategy, articulate their identity, and increase overall operational efficiencies, so that they can focus on their mission and optimize their services. However, to manage projects effectively and ensure their success, pro bono collaborations require solid project management skills and tools.

Civisphere is a free, open-source and web-based project management tool that allows non-profit organizations improve the efficiencies of their pro bono projects, from improved collaboration among team members, to project timeline, milestones and deliverables, from communication protocols and channels to effective and easy to use productivity tools.



Monitor and evaluate your projects and keep in touch with your volunteers


Work remotely on a project matching your skills, causes and availabilities

To Do List

Visualize any task in order of priority


12 Non-Profit Organizations

35 Team-Based Projects

322 Tasks Performed

Welcome to Civisphere helps you organize your projects and work with volunteers

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As a project director, I need to spread the word in my team rapidly and clearly. I have to focus my communication on goals and check if every task is done in time. allows me to delegate tasks and to communicate easily through the project. Everyone is assigned to his or her projects and tasks. also allows us to follow what is new through discussion thread.

Project Director, ProBono Lab